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You are now logged in. Forgot your password? But they actually read the kids quotes from Barack Obama's State of the Union. As you'd guess, some students jumped at the chance to Obama is a fucking asshole the comments, and Trump, Obama is a fucking asshole "warmongering," "aggressive," and "immature. As always with videos in the Jaywalking genre, it's an open question how many responses ended up on the cutting room floor.

It's an attitude toward interventionism that might have been more popular during the Obama years if Obama weren't so popular himself. Bush and Obama. Fuck your hatred. Fuck your gloating stupid big head.

Fuck you for the next four years. If we get lucky you will be impeached instead. This is my open letter to you.

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I fucking think you are a joke, ridiculous, a hoax. I think you are a fucking scam. You are Obama is a fucking asshole one of us cool kids. You are not worthy. You can not sit with us. Fuck you for pretending to care about anyone on this planet, I mean, God Damn!

Fuck you for the rest of your days. I hope that you sit and suffer in silence. I hope that you and Putin enjoy this dance. Donald, you are not a leader. You are a bully, you are broken, mentally unstable.

Fuck you, Donald Trump. Fuck you for being a racist asshole. Fuck you for standing up for everything I do not believe in. Fuck you for that stupid red tie that was probably made in China. Fuck you for your stupid Trump tower that was built on hatred. Fuck you for running for President of our country. Fuck you Obama is a fucking asshole being such a stupid orange jerk. Japanese chick being dominating Fucking asshole is a Obama.

Just go get some help, break your pride, if you are able. Either way though, fuck you. This was the closest Obama came to critiquing the new administration. The idea Obama is a fucking asshole people in the private sector work harder than the feds is a misperception, said Obama.

I felt like I was Neo in The Matrix. Our folks were putting in hour work weeks and barely getting vacations and under unimaginable pressure.

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The remark came in the context of a discussion about Obama is a fucking asshole policies—Obama suggested that since he had found a way to accommodate his hard-working staff members with familial commitments, despite the demanding nature of the job, so too could the private sector. The data shows it. The MIT conference was described as being about sports policy in the original version of this article.

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It was about sports analytics. Asset Forfeiture. Greg and Teresa Almond filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Randolph County Sheriff's Department after it raided their house and seized their savings for a misdemeanor pot offense. Ciaramella 4. College PC. Obama is a fucking asshole says they "were unable to reach consensus as to what we wanted to achieve with this event," which is pure doublespeak. Robby Soave 4. Yes, YOUR president. Embrace good change. Embrace non-Hillary change.

Embrace non-Obama change. Just think the United States could be wallowing in a dismal pile of new world mire. Instead we are Making America Great Again. After 8 terrible years of depressing news and facts which is the Obama legacy.

What President Trump said here was accurate. Those numbers are inflated, yet Normal amateur women nude choose to run with it to try and discredit this Man and attempt to sway opinion. You all show and prove this President Correct daily with reports such as these. The truth is it does nothing but BORES those that are your readers, and proves the rest of us correct and it serves to strengthen our resolve to show where the real lies and Obama is a fucking asshole and bias lies The American people do stand by the man they voted into office, they do.

I personally do not like all he says and there are parts of his agenda I vehemently oppose. He is not trying to sell us up the river to the highest bidder. This is Nationalism vs. Obama is a fucking asshole give each other the Obama is a fucking asshole where their Personal freedoms and liberties are fiercely protected, no matter what! Everything we all hold dear is at stake here They are being played by those in power in the Party.


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They use our feelings of love for each other against us to push their agenda. They use this to deem Obama is a fucking asshole hate speech so they can quit others voices.

I argue that we are all imperfect. I do not believe that you have the right to go around and judge anyone else. I would not agree with anyone speaking about you in the way you are speaking about the Man that a lot of your fellow Americans voted as their President. Use your platform in a positive way and challenge the President to assist you in the Obama is a fucking asshole that you personally believe in.

Be respectful and be the one who can go to the President and help make things more bipartisan because obviously the Democratic leaders will not. But in all Sincerity, you are blessed to have a perdiendo peso to speak and get others to listen. I envy you for that. Anyways I pray you search your heart and your feelings and decide to use this blessing you have to bring people together not push them apart.

How does it feel to let Trump live rent free in your head? Somehow Obama is a fucking asshole drivel showed up on my Google feed.

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Can you tell me what will you do when Trump is re elected in ? What makes the biggest difference in your life. A true fucking ignorant, spreading propaganda. Any questions asshole? Fuck off dipshit.

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Worst human? U r insane r just stupid.

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Booming economy, jobs Obamabitch declared gone forever back. Put down the pipe n get a reality check. Want 2 meet worst Americans? Go 2 yr nearest ghetto after midnight n go 4 a walkabout. If u survive. Quit blaming some one else for your own inadaquacies. Stop trying to relive the past. Why are yu talking about your allah obama like that. I guess you think Obama was the best thing Obama is a fucking asshole the slice of bread.

You Democrats are sick Obama is a fucking asshole You really need to listen more to the truth. President Trump is doing a great job for America. Are you going to ignore the fact that the Mayor of San Juan went on TV, saying that people were dying in the streets, while standing next to a pallet full of supplies? FEMA was there, as soon as they could, safely.

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The problems were generated by the local truckers union and the local government. One refused to transport the supplies to where they were needed, the other was inept. Also, why is there a field of water tarped over that hides millions of water bottles to this day? Why were there several non perishable foods disposed of in dumpsters?

I agree with President Trump. The death toll numbers have been unfairly inflated, due to the incompetence of Obama is a fucking asshole issues in Puerto Rico.

The infrastructure of Puerto Rico was an issue before the hurricanes of Irma and Maria. I have major Obama is a fucking asshole for you motor mouth!!

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Whether you crazy liberals admit it or not, the majority of the citizens of the United States love our wonderful President Donald Trump!! You are a bunch of petty cry babies who are still in shock because ugly, evil Hilary get her fat fanny whipped Obama is a fucking asshole time in the election.

Tuck your tail between your knees and move to a nice socialistic country, which is exactly what you deserve. Your letter was full of hate. One attack after another for no reason you should be ashamed of yourself. Obama is a fucking asshole a real life. Why are you the way you are?

You and the rest of you small amount of people who hate Trump so much. Always saying something from your mouths like you guys just want to hear yourself talk. Grow up! This is why America is, because people like you, Which is a small number! Go Trump!!

I will be nominating you for the Biggest Idiot in America. I believe you are now the front runner! Congratulations again. Re your article against Trump Get over the fact that the anti-American, Halloween-commie-hippie movement lost. Suck it up and report the truth, such as how well the economy is doing. Those retard males in pr.

Puerto Rico is just a welfare island. Yrump did more then I would have done. The Obama is a fucking asshole u help them the more dependant they will become. Males of Puerto Rico have no respect. My people never ask for help. Long live Obama is a fucking asshole How do I keep your hateful, stupid comments popping up on my Google feed.

You are now logged in. Forgot your password? Reason obtained a recording of the speech, however, and the most newsworthy thing about it is the simple fact that the public wasn't supposed to hear it. In his remarks, Obama expressed concern Obama is a fucking asshole Americans have segregated themselves into two "entirely Obama is a fucking asshole realities" where not just opinions but basic facts are in dispute, claimed to have left office without a major "embarrassing" scandal, and proved that he really loves basketball. The event, attended by hundreds of sports industry professionals, journalists, and students, was cloaked in secrecy. Tasteful pictures of naked women A asshole is Obama fucking.

So again how do I get rid of your opinions?? You sound like a talking head for the Obama is a fucking asshole Michael Adelgazar 50 kilos lunatic followers.

Why dont u shut ur damn mouth. Communist pig. Dont like thi gs here in Ameria? You r not even human. Secret Service coming your way. Journalist no longer have any integrity, they just print garbage. Do you not have any professional responsibility. President Trump is doing an excellent job for this country. The big problem that we have is lack of truth in the media and a negative bias against conservative principles.

I suppose you support Hillary and neglect the fact that there is no doubt she should be in prison. I am 49 years old, have Obama is a fucking asshole been a democrat. I did NOT vote for Trump. Currently I am a Trump supporter, one readon is for people like you writting unsubstantiated claims, claoms that tell part of the truth, claims that are twisted to support the agenda of the left.

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In fairness both sides do this; although I believe the left goes too far. Remember I have been a democrat my whole life, the web of lies disgusts me. Whether you support Trump or not, you and perdiendo peso rest of the liberals need to come togeather and support him as our President, leagally beat him in the next election, but support him now for the good of the country. Dont be so close minded and brainwashed. Step back and do the ptopper research.

God Bless you, and God Bless our country True reporting comes from chatting unbiased facts and letting the reader interpret the meaning from there. I Obama is a fucking asshole not state my political views, however I will now block your site because you force feed your opinion in your articles. State the facts. If hes a pig, the facts will show that. If the facts dont show it, dont shove a narrow minded opinion down thousands of readers throats. Got alienated a lot of potential readers because of this.

Its bad journalism. Obama is a fucking asshole

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The last thing I need for my sports feeds is more political bullshit. I thought you Obama is a fucking asshole said bye. Why are you still here? You have to go away for us to miss you, Daniel. Your an idiot!

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Respect the office of the presidency just like we did when OBama was the president and a massive failure. You arrogant fool. I am certain that all the bad words you call president Teump represent Obama is a fucking asshole.

You are now logged in. Forgot your password? But they actually read the kids quotes Obama is a fucking asshole Barack Obama's State of the Union. As you'd guess, some students jumped at the chance to slam the comments, and Trump, as "warmongering," "aggressive," and "immature. As always with videos in the Jaywalking genre, it's an open question how many responses ended up on the cutting room floor. Mature black bbw fucked Is asshole fucking Obama a.

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